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Outdoor Patio Bar and Restaurant

The bar is the hub of the action at Palm Springs’ highest entertainment venue. Share appetizers in the lounge, and classic cocktails tableside. No matter where you post up, those panoramic views of the San Jacintos just don’t quit.

Meet Chef Troy Thompson

Chef Troy Thompson has amassed more than 30 years of well-rounded professional experience, having started in food service at age 15, working in a small submarine sandwich shop. His first culinary experience was when he was given a chance to make dough and pastries at a bakery where he was initially hired to wash pots and pans.

Influenced by German, Japanese and American chefs, including renowned Michelin Chef Guenter Seeger, Jean-Louis Palladin, Kiyomi Mikuni and Master Chef Hiroshi Noguchi, Chef Troy created his signature style of cooking, which he calls "inspirational cuisine." Inspirational cuisine is a "pure moment of cooking" where the ingredients on-hand, can be visualized as a finished dish.

Chef Troy's view of a what a fine dining restaurant should be is simple, "It should combine an atmosphere where individual guests have fun while still experiencing a world-class meal. All chefs are in the entertainment business, but they can't forget their craft." This simple approach is evident in the style and plating of Chef Troy's dishes. Bento boxes, tagines, and various other vessels transform his "inspirational" style of cooking into "World Cuisine." Meals are displayed like showpieces on the table, with sights, smells, tastes and textures all combined to create one-of-a-kind dinners.